What is a physical fanlisting?

A physical fanlisting is a listing for a particular famous or fictional person that you think has a good physical quality. For instance, you might like a characters physical physique, or maybe just their eyes. Well, if you went to, they wouldn't have a listing for that, that's what, the "Physical Fanlistings" is for.

What is this listing about?

This fanlisting is for Son Goku's (entire) physical appearance! Son Goku is the always hungry monkey demon from the hit animanga Saiyuki-Saiyuki Reload, & Saiyuki Remix, by Kazuya Minekura.

Son Goku Information

Name: Son Goku

Weight: 51 kg

Height:  162 cm

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color: Brown

Blood Type: O

Constellation: Aries

Species: Demon

Age: 18 (plus 500 years sealed in a rock)

Birthday: April 15

Favorites Things: Food, food, and more food! Goku loves to eat, and has an unending appetite.

Weapon: Jakujou (a staff with a crescent-moon shaped blade attached at the end with chains)

Human Profile: Goku is an 18-year-old monkey demon. Born from a rock, Goku was chained in a rocky prison for 500 years. He doesn't remember what he did to be put there, he is sure it must have been something terrible. One day Sanzo appears outside his rocky prison in reply to what Sanzo's says was Goku calling out to him. He was freed from his prison by Sanzo and has been tagging along ever since.

His character tends to have a somewhat childish and innocent outlook on life and people. He is forever hungry, and always thinking about his next meal. Since he is a demon, he must wear the gold band (coronet) around his head. This band is Goku's  demon power limiter.

Goku loves to fight and is thrilled to find an opponent that will allow him to fight with all his effort. His weapon is the nyoibou, his staff, which can also turn into the three-sectional staff, which he calls the nyoi-sansetsu-bou. When his demon power limiter comes off, he then  transforms into his demon self. In this state Goku becomes berserk and cannot differentiate between friend or foe, and will attack both fiercely. His power is unmatched while in this form.

Why I made this fanlisting?

I made this listing because I am a huge fan of the anime/manga Saiyuki. In addition, I am a big fan of Hakkai. He has wonderful physical attributes, and a cheerful attitude that hides his tragic past.

Site Name Explanation

Haraheta! It was a simple name choice. This is the Japanese term that he always uses, and translated means, I'm Hungry! ^_^ Plus, Haraheta! sounded cooler than I'm Hungry. ~_^